Arrowbear Park County Water District District   
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Phone: (909) 867-2704               Fax: (909) 867-4736. 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4045, Arrowbear Lake, CA 92382-4045
2365 Fir Drive, Arrowbear Lake, CA 92382
E-mail address:
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8-12 & 1-5pm, Closed Sat. - Sun.


The community of Arrowbear Lake, CA, is located east of Running Springs along Highway 18 in the San Bernardino National Forest, a delightful mountain community with a fulltime population of 550 and expands to over 2,500 on busy weekends and holidays.

Formed in 1953, Arrowbear Park County Water District (APCWD) has successfully maintained the safety and well being of this community for over 50 years by providing high quality water from its own wells, reliable sewer collection services, and excellent fire protection services that the residents and visitors of Arrowbear need.  The District is a San Bernardino Special District that is self-governed by a 5 member, locally elected Board of Directors.  The community enjoys the presence of it's own body of water, Arrowbear Lake which is a seasonal lake, filled by snow pack runoff.  This lake is privately owned and is not monitored or managed in any way by the District.

The District’s five full-time, two part-time and 12 volunteer employees work every day to provide the best water, sewer and fire protection service to each of its nearly 1,000 customer accounts within its 3,840 acre service area.

In addition to overseeing 24 miles of water and sewer pipelines, four reservoirs and five wells, the District supports, manages and funds Arrowbear’s all-volunteer fire fighting force. Arrowbear’s Fire Department not only protects the local community, but the Department is often called on to fight major wildfires in California.

With a strong tie to the community, APCWD is dedicated to ensuring that residents, property, wild lands and surrounding communities remain well protected in the event of any emergency and continues to provide the best possible water, and sewer services at the lowest possible cost.

The public is invited to attend the monthly Board meetings of the District, held normally on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at the District office.  The office is located at 2365 Fir Drive, Arrowbear Lake, CA.


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